Skinny Scarf – Blues and Rose


Skinny Scarf – Blues and Rose


* Color: Blues and rose skinny scarf.
* Versatile. Includes card showing multiple ways to wear.
* Stylish: Boho clothing fashion.
* Skinny scarf packaged in a gold gift box with a clear lid.
* Immediate. Tie up in seconds.
* Light. Weighs less than 2 ounces.
* Easy to travel with. Fold and pack quick and easy.
* Adds splash of color. Spiff up any outfit with a splash of color.
* Can be worn year-round. Light enough for summer, or any other time of year.
* Simple. One size fits all.
* Different. Everyone wants to wear something unique.
* Handmade. Made by the artisan in the USA.

Size: Scarves are apx. 90 to 100 inches long made with strands of mixed fibers.

Materials: cotton, rayon, bamboo, silk, acrylic, polyester, chenille, metallic, nylon, wool, mohair.

Care: Dry clean or handwash in cool water and lay flat to dry. Do not wash or dry by machine. Do not iron.

Note some yarn colors may vary slightly from the images due to availability.


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